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Lighthouse (Strategy, reaction)

Lighthouse (Strategy, reaction)

Lighthouse adventure 

The lonely dweller of the lighthouse was sailing back to his lookout packed with food when a huge, all-consuming storm started. The raging waves consumed the ship and its load, too. Luckily, he escaped and pulled through the storm on a lonely rock. Four sailboats set out after him competing with each other to hurry to his aid. The goal is to get him back to the isle of the lighthouse as soon as possible.


    The lighthouse


    The lonely lighthouse guard was sailing home to his lookout packed with food when a massive storm blew-in. The raging sea was too much for the sailboat, and it went to the bottom of the sea. Luckily, he escaped and could swim to a single rock. Four sailboats set out after him, competing with each other to hurry to his aid and get him back to the isle of the lighthouse as soon as possible.


    • 2-4 players above
    • 5 + years old
    • Duration of the game: app. 15 minutes

    The goal of the game: the player who first docks at the isle of the lighthouse with the guard sitting in his or her boat, wins.

    Preparing the game: assemble the parts of the gameboard so the appropriate boards match each other. Place the lighthouse on the isle, and place a sailboat for each player in the dock on the other end of the board. Mix the six wind strength discs (which mark the steps), and place them face down at one end of the board. Place the shipwrecked guard on the rock at the (seventh) marked field.

    Starting the game: the youngest player starts! Face up any of the wind strength discs. Take as many steps as shown on the disc. After everyone has looked at the disc, turn it back over immediately. • The total number of steps on the disc have to be taken. • You can step forwards or backwards, but only in one direction at a time, you can’t change direction while in motion! Now, it’s the next player’s turn to face up a disc and take the steps.

    Important: try to remember the numbers on the discs and their placement so you can turn over a disc with which you can step on a field where the guard or the ship transporting him stands.

    The Guard: If you step on the field where the lighthouse guard got shipwrecked, you have to place him in your boat and continue the trip with him (since the aim is to reach the goal together with him)! If you placed him in the boat, you have to mix the wind strength discs at once, before the next player’s turn. This makes the game harder, since the discs memorized so far change their places. The goal is still to arrive on the field where the guard or the ship transporting the guard is standing. • If you step on a field where there is a ship in which the guard is sitting, the other player has to hand over the guard to you, so he can continue his trip in your boat. • If someone is third or fourth to arrive on the same field, then the guard will ultimately be sitting in the boat of the player who arrived last. • If you have the guard and you step on a field where there is another player, unfortunately, you have to hand over your passenger to this player. • If you step on a field where multiple players are standing, then the guard stays with you. Don’t forget to mix the discs every time the guard changes boats! Important! There are two fields from which you can’t step backwards: the dock (start field), and the isle of the light house (goal field). If you arrive at the goal with the steps on the disc and the guard is not sitting in your boat yet, then rather go backwards! Good luck!

    Contents of the game: 4 sailboats, 1 lighthouse guard, 6 discs, 1 gameboard (3 parts), 1 lighthouse


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