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The wonderful world of Güs

The wonderful world of Güs

Welcome to the wonderful world of the Güs, where the trees are in continuous motion and healing crystals are growing out of the ground! The Güs collect them busily to help the forest creatures by using their magical power. But it's not easy to get the crystals, Morc keeps on watching and he does everything that he can, to make the mission more difficult. But fortunately, little creatures are hiding among the roots of the trees who help the Güs in their adventure.


For 4 players 5yo+
Duration: 20 minutes
Box: 21X21 cm
Board: 30X30 cm
Forest: 20 cm
Figures: 7 cm
1 game board
1 rotatable forest
4 Güs, 1 Morc, 4 creatures, 14 recipes, 1 die, 4X6 crystals

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