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River board game

River board game

From 6 years

2-4 players


This game is about magical creatures who are hiding in the long and lazy river. The explorers need decent equipment and lots of luck to discover them. It’s a tough race; the winner is the one who publishes the most outstanding results at the end of the expedition. A fun and exciting game with surprising discoveries is waiting for you.


Content of the game: 18 river tiles, 8 buoys, 4 character tokens, 4x6 movement tokens, 4 ships, 1 cargo ship, 74 cards, 4 newspaper pages.


Aim of the game: Sail on the river and try to discover the most valuable unknown creatures. You can buy new tools from the cargo ship to make your search more successful and to have the most sensational publication at the end of the game.


How to play: Set up the river and place buoys and red cargo ship. Each player takes one tool from the equipment cards, newspaper page, character token, a ship and 6 movement tokens.


When it’s you turn, you can move your ship (or the cargo ship) and then take an action. The player who has a movement token with the lowest number will be the first to move and perform her/his action. 


After moving your ship or the cargo ship, the action you take depends on which river tile you landed on. 1. If your own ship is on a tile with a buoy on it, you can do some exploring 2. If your own ship is on the same tile as the cargo ship, you must buy a tool 3. When you arrive at an empty field you cannot perform an action After completing your action, it’s the next player’s turn.


The explorer who has changed their cards four times must sail to the bay. If s/he arrives in an exploration area during the journey, s/he cannot change any more cards! When s/he reaches the bay, the other players can complete their turn before scoring. Add up the value of the 4 pictures in the newspaper article. (Don’t count the pictures that are no longer in the newspaper!) The first player who sails into the bay receives 2 extra points. The players who have changed less than four cards (or did not change at all) in their article, lose two points. The player with the highest score wins the game.

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