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Chefs Marsbushka board game

Chefs Marsbushka board game

Luxurious designer game for both kids 7 years and older and adults! 


Do you know how many carrots you would need for a cake? It's no problem if you don't know, you'll find out during the game! You can make wonderful meals for high points. You can try what you would be like as a chef in a busy kitchen where you have to compete with the other chefs for the best kitchen counters and to get the ingredients. The story takes place in multiple locations, and in the end you will see that making the meals is really a serious strategic task! Play chefs - train your strategic thinking


Contents of the game: 1 game board, 6 chef figures, 6 chef cards, 1 starting player card, 3×6 action marker discs, 6×10 ingredients cards, 29 meal cards


  • Game rules

    The goal of the game is to acquire as many meal cards with as many points as possible, and exchange them for steps. The person who passes field 20 and gets the farthest in the last round, wins the game.

    Playing the game: The game consists of rounds, and one round has three phases: 1. Placing the action markers 2. Executing the action (acquiring ingredients, cooking, placing on the service counter) 3. Preparing for the next round


    1. Placing the action markers Before you put down your action markers, think over the following: What kind of ingredients do you have in your hand? Then look at the meal cards placed by the cookers! What ingredients do you need to make them? How many points are they worth? Is it worth risking for them? After this, put your action marker on the location where you want to execute an action (fig. 3). The action markers placed on the board determine where and in what order the chefs will execute the actions. The starting player places an action marker on the location of their choosing, then, going around clockwise, the other chefs put down 1 action marker each. Repeat this process until all players have put down all three of their action markers. You can never put down more than one action marker when it’s your turn! There can be one action marker in each circle, but one chef can have more than one marker at the same location. When you’re done with this, the first phase is over, now you can execute the actions!

    EN 2. Executing the action The player who placed their action marker on the first circle of the first location begins. After executing the action, they should take the action marker from the location and place it in front of themselves, because they will need it again in the next round. Then the chef in the second circle executes their action and takes their disc… and so on. Important: Only one action can be executed for each disc. You have to go along the locations in the following order (fig. 2), and you can execute the following actions:

    1st location: Counter of ingredients An action makes it possible to take two ingredients of your choosing from the „ingredients” cards found here (fig. 4). If there are none left by the time it’s your turn, then you’re out of luck. Suggestion: If there are only things left that you didn’t need, pick it up anyway and next time, place your action marker at the door where you can exchange it.

    2nd location: Cooker by the window An action makes it possible to pick up (make) a meal card, of course only if you can put in (place on the deck of discarded cards) the right ingredients in the needed amount (fig. 6). Take a good look at your chef card! There is an ingredient in his hand, too, so you can use this card instead of an ingredients card to get the meal card (fig. 7). You can keep your chef card even after this, and during the round you can still use it at the other cooker. It is only valid once at one location, and you can not use it more than once for the same meal card. There is a number on every meal card – that’s how many steps you can take if you exchange it at the service counter. Until then, place it by yourself.

    3rd location: Door Here you can exchange your ingredients card/cards that you don’t need.You can choose an exchange option in the order the action markers were placed. There are five separate chests with different options (fig. 5): You can exchange 1 card for 1 card, 1 for 2, 2 for 2, 2 for 3, 3 for 4. The player who placed their action marker on the first field in this location may choose first how many cards they will exchange, and place their action marker on the corresponding chest. This means that other players can not choose this option. You can exchange the ingredients cards by throwing as many ingredients cards on the discarded deck as is shown by the first number on the exchange chest, and you get as many cards from the drawing deck as is shown by the second number.

    4th location: Cooker by the wall Here you have the same options as in location Cooker by the window (fig- 6-7.). You can use your chef card here, too, regardless of whether you have used it at the other cooker. • 5th location: Service counter Action here makes it possible to exchange the number on your meal card for points that you can use as steps. When it is your turn in this location, place ONE of your meal cards on the tray and take as many steps with your chef as the card shows (fig. 8). If you have placed multiple action markers in the location, and it is your turn multiple times, of course you can put another meal card on the service counter and step forward. 3.

    Preparing for the next round: After you are done with all five locations, get ready for the next round: Fill up the counter of ingredients and the cookers from the drawing decks with as many cards as is defined by the number of chefs in the game. In this round, the starting chef (player) will be the one to the left of the previous starting chef (player), they should take the starting player card. The end of the game: The game ends in the round when a chef passes field 20 and inevitably goes on from the beginning (field one is 21, field two is 22… and so on). The player whose chef reaches the farthest by the end of the round wins.

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