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Bugs (Strategy, memory and concentration)

Bugs (Strategy, memory and concentration)

Bugs – cooperative game 

Professor Bugsy loves to observe bugs. He wants to catch as many as he can but bugs don’t want to live in a matchbox. They are on their way back to the city from their summer houses but the professor is lurking on the path leading to Bugsville… Will you help the little bugs to get home safe?


    Bugs - team game Professor Bugsy loves bugs. To be able to observe them he wants to catch as many of them as possible. But what bug would want to get into his matchbox? Life is much better outside the box! The bugs are on holiday right now. They’re relaxing and swim- ming in their summer houses. When the fun ends, sadly they have to go home. The road is dangerous, because the professor is lurking on the path leading to the city… How many bugs will get home to Bugsville? recommended age: 4+, number of players: 2-6, time: 5-10 minutes Preparations: Place the board in the middle of the table and place the bugs in their summer houses according to their color. (The green bugs in the summer house marked with green, the blue ones in the one marked with blue… etc.) If you did it right, there are five bugs resting in each summer house. Place the matchbox on one of the stone blocks. Move it clockwise during the game! An arrow in the main square of the town shows which way that is. Get the dice ready. Playing the game: The first player should throw the bug die. (The following players always have to throw this first!) • If the die shows a bug, the player should choose a bug (any bug) and take it from the summer house into the town. This bug has gotten home safely. • If the player threw a magnifying glass, then the professor moves the matchbox fur- ther in hopes of new prey, but the other die will show how many places he moves it. The player who threw the magnifying glass should take the die showing the points, and throw it as well! The professor’s box will move ahead as many places as the die shows. Stepping on the stone block, follow the instructions! You can see pictures on the stone blocks: • If you see a colorful bug, then sadly a bug gets moved from the summer house into the matchbox. If there are no bugs of that color left in the summer house, then nothing happens! • If you see bugs running away, then the professor was clumsy, the bugs escaped from the matchbox. Everyone escaped back into their summer houses. Pay attention to the colors! Each bug can only return to their summer house of according color! • Plain stone block: nothing happens, it seems the professor got lost in his thoughts… The next player should always throw the die showing bugs first, and only use the second die if there was a magnifying glass on the first one. If there are no bugs left in the summer houses, but not everyone has reached the town because some of them are still trapped in the matchbox, then you only have to throw with the dotted die. The end of the game: You have won the game if all the little bugs have reached home in the town. But sadly you have all lost if there are 4 bugs in the professor’s matchbox! Contents of the game: 1 gameboard, 1 matchbox, 20 bugs, 2 dice


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