Great selection of Educational Board Games for the whole family - excellent present your child will appreciate and enjoy!

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Tanya Lipp - SundukUK

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Huge thank you for the Catsowl educational board game!  Just a perfect board game for my "little" audience at SundukUK! 


Another brilliant educational board game -Pet Five. Is a great game for pre-school children that helps to develop first understanding of numbers from 1 to 5. 

Absolutely brilliant edition - great quality!

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Natasha Milchenkova

Brainy Trainy Memory educational board game was a surprise present for my child. This board game is very stimulating and lots of fun. My daughter is very happy. Packaging, delivery and assistance superbly done.

Thank you, Umniki

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Anna Wall

I have bought 4 educational board games for my 5 years old son. Usually it is a challenge to keep him focused. However he opened all the games and insisted on playing.  He really enjoyed playing all the board games!

Thank you, Umniki!

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